Irish Register Of Herbalists
(The IRH is the largest professional association of its kind in Ireland)

Plant Healer Federation
(International consortium of herbal medicine professional associations)

(RxISK is a free, independent drug safety website)

(The Science Of Natural Healing)

Butterfly Conservation
(Saving butterflies,moths and our environment)

The Woodland Trust
(the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity)

Alliance for Natural Health
(Campaigns on a number of natural health issues)

American Botanical Council
(International herbal organization with accurate information)

American Herbalist’s Guild
(Only peer-reviewed herbalist association in the United States)

American Herbal Pharmacopeia
(Roy Upton and team produce extensive herbal monographs)

British National Formulary
(Information on medical drugs including their side-effects. No longer free – why?)

Butterfly Conservation
(Helping to preserve native habitats for these wonderful creatures)

Campaign for Truth in Medicine
(Pressure group for transparency in healthcare)

Cancer Active
(Offers peer-reviewed and research-based information on natural options for cancer)

Cochrane Collaboration
(The website for systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials etc)

Community of Irish Herbalists
(Group I helped establish to promote herbalism in Ireland)

Culpeper’s Herbal Online
(Nicholas Culpeper’s books have been in print for hundreds of years! A great resource!)

David Winston Resource
(One of my teachers – a practical website by a leading authority)

Dr Marilyn Glenville
(Dr Glenville is an expert on women’s health issues)

Eat Weeds!
(A wild food guide to the edible plants of Britain)

(European consortium campaigning for alternative and complimentary therapies)

Food Databanks
(Department of Health website on nutrient composition of foods)

Food Info
(Food composition tables for macronutrients – multilingual site)

Garden Organic
(Everything you need to grow organic vegetables and herbs)

General Naturopathic Council
(Professional regulator of Naturopaths in the UK of which I am a member)

Genova Diagnostics
(Leaders in independent lab-testing)

Greek Medicine
(A fascinating site exploring traditional Greek medicine – historically informative!)

Green Med Info
(Alternative medicine database based on clinical research)

Henriette’s Herbal
(A fascinating site for all lovers of herbal medicine)

Herbal Legacy
(Packed with herbal and naturopathic info from the great Dr Christopher)

Herbal Therapeutics
(Learn from one of the masters – Center for Herbal Studies online)

(Exclusive content on research into herbal medicine)

Herb Research Foundation
(Educating the world about herbal medicines)

Institute For Functional Medicine
(Could this be the future of health care? Naturopathy revisited?)

Institute of Optimum Nutrition
(Charity set up to evaluate and promote optimum nutrition)

Irish Register of Herbalists
(Ireland’s largest professional herbal body of which I am a member)

Irish Seed Savers
(Preserving heirloom varieties to promote biodiversity)

Irish Wildflowers
(Botanical information for identifying native Irish species)

Linus Pauling Institute
(Science-based website researching the effect of nutrition on health)

Lorisian Labs
(Food intolerance and homocysteine testing – discounts available from Belfast Herbalist)

(The UK regulator of medicines and medical devices)

Mrs Grieve’s Herbal
(The classic Modern Herbal from 1931 online!)

National Herb Week
(IRH initiative to promote herbal medicine in Ireland)

National Institute of Medical Herbalists
(UK register for medical herbalists – the world’s oldest!)

Natural Therapies Northern Ireland
(Directory of therapists and practitioners in N. Ireland)

Nutrition Data
(Information on the nutrient composition of foodstuffs)

Onco Blog
(Blog on herbal medicine and cancer by the inimitable Jonathan Treasure)

Plants For A Future
(Research Into Edible plants for temperate climates)

(Evidence-based research from the reductionist perspective)

Radical Herbalist Gathering (UK)
(Revolutionary medicine for social change)

Scottish School of Herbal Medicine
(Well regarded college for traditional herbal medicine)

South West School of Botanical Medicine
(A treasure trove of old herbal books and pertinent info from the late great Michael Moore)

St. Anne’s Physic Garden
(Ireland first medicinal herb garden open to the public)

St George’s Market
(Belfast market for local fresh seasonal organic produce and more)

The Doctor’s Laboratory
(Pathology service for the UK and worldwide)

The Herbarium
(Blog for herbalists in transition; packed with practical information)

The Natural Dispensary
(Supplement website – discount to clients of Belfast Herbalist)

The Organic Centre
(Promoting an alternative vision via education)

The Truth About Milk
(Do dairy products make good food – read this!)

The Vegan Society
(Promoting plant-based diets for health and sustainability)

The Wild Side of Life
(Fred Gillam’s informative website for medicinal mushrooms)

Udo Erasmus
(World expert in essential fatty acids)

Veriditas Hibernica
(Apprenticeships in herbal medicine with a traditional and sustainable vision)

What Doctors Don’t Tell You
(Campaign group revealing evidence-based health information)

Please note the above links are for information purposes only and should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement by Belfast Herbalist per se.

I advise anyone that if looking for information of a medical nature online please be sure of the credentials of the author before accepting the information as bona fide.


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